What to Do After an Accident

The immediate aftermath of an automobile accident can be an extremely confusing and stressful time. These feelings can be compounded if a crash is particularly serious and people suffer serious injuries.

However, it is extremely important for anyone involved in a car accident to make sure to follow certain steps at the scene of the accident as well as in the days and weeks afterward. Your attention to key details after being involved in motor vehicle wreck can tremendously help your chances of obtaining the compensation you may need for medical bills, vehicle repairs, and other expenses later on.

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If you sustained serious injuries or your loved one was killed in an automobile accident, it is in your best interest to contact an experienced persona injury attorney as soon as possible. Steiden Law Offices represents clients throughout Northern Kentucky and Southern Ohio.

We investigate accident cases and hold negligent parties accountable. You can call our firm at to schedule a free consultation to let us review your case and help you understand your legal options.

What to Do After an Ohio or Kentucky Accident

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Stay at the Scene

When you have been involved in a motor vehicle crash, try your best to remain calm. Two of the most important things to keep in mind immediately after a collision are to never leave the scene of the accident and never admit any fault in any statements you make to other drivers, the police, or an insurance company.

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Call the Police

Even if the crash does not appear to be particularly serious, you should still contact the police so a proper report can be filed. Limit your comments to just the facts when speaking to the police, and record the names and badge numbers of the officers who respond to your call. If you or another person appears to have sustained catastrophic injuries, you should also make sure to call for an ambulance. If you are unable to stay at the scene because you need medical attention, have someone else do the remaining steps for you.

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Exchange Information

While tensions can be high, try to be cordial with other drivers. Get the names, phone numbers, and addresses of all drivers and passengers who were involved in the crash.

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Get Witness Information

If anybody who was not directly involved in the accident saw the collision, you should also get their names, phone numbers, and addresses. These people could provide extremely valuable unbiased accounts of what occurred later on.

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Take Pictures

Most cell phones have cameras and you should take as many photographs of the accident scene as possible. Get pictures of the vehicles involved from different angles and multiple distances. Take photographs of any injuries before they’ve had time to heal. Be especially sure to record any damage or circumstances that will be cleaned up or changed. Take more picture than you think you need. No personal injury attorney will ever tell you that you took too many.

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Seek Medical Attention

If you did not require immediate medical care, you should still get a doctor’s official medical opinion. There are several types of injuries in which symptoms may not appear until days or even weeks later.

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Contact Your Insurance Company

You are probably required under your policy to immediately report any accident to your insurance company. As is the case when you speak to police, limit your statements to just the relevant facts of the case: the date and time of the crash, the location, the names and contact information of the other people involved. Again, do not admit any fault and do not give a recorded statement, as certain innocent claims can be used against you later on.

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Keep a Journal

You should keep a file of all the paperwork relating to your accident, but you should also try to maintain a daily journal. Even if you think that you have a strong memory, it can be extremely valuable to have the specific dates of certain symptoms and recovery milestones written down in the event that you have a deposition or trial appearance.

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Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

As soon as you are able, you should immediately contact a car accident lawyer to discuss your case. Insurance companies for any other drivers will attempt to contact you and get recorded statements, but having legal representation will allow you to let your attorney handle these calls on your behalf and avoid saying anything that jeopardizes your case.

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Steiden Law Offices can help you and your family if you sustained injuries or your loved one was killed in a motor vehicle crash. We represent residents of Hamilton County in Ohio in addition to people from Boone County and Kenton County in Kentucky.

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