Mandatory Disclosures

Individuals and couples are entitled to file for relief under the various Chapters of Bankruptcy. The Bankruptcy Discharge is given to honest Debtors. The process of filing a Petition for Bankruptcy requires full and complete disclosure of all of the information required by the Petition, Schedules and Statement of Financial Affairs which you file in your Bankruptcy case.

Mandatory Disclosures in a Cincinnati Bankruptcy

Since trustworthiness is such a significant issue in bankruptcy, it is important to correctly complete all mandatory disclosures. Your attorney can assist you in ensuring that the disclosures are properly made. At Steiden Law Offices, we assist our Cincinnati-area clients in completing all filings and making sure all potential issues in a bankruptcy are covered.

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Non-Disclosure in Bankruptcy

First and foremost, your lawyer can only work with the information you provide. A Bankruptcy case relies on full and complete disclosure. If you do not provide full disclosure of your income, expenses and assets and liabilities, your lawyer will not be able to adequately counsel you on your rights and choices regarding those issues. If you make a material non-disclosure you may be denied a Bankruptcy Discharge.

Your lawyer will counsel you on the necessity of full disclosure. Steiden Law Offices takes great pride in ethically counseling its clients. The Firm’s experience is that the best result is the one which follows full and complete disclosure. The failure to disclose an asset with value may come back to disrupt your life in five years from now. If you’re considering a filing and need an experienced ethical firm with your best interests at heart, call [$phone]] and speak to a Steiden Law Offices lawyer who can explain the benefits of a Bankruptcy and give you 25 years of loyal experience.

Perjury in a Bankruptcy

The Bankruptcy papers you fill out are executed as Declarations Under Oath although they do not bear a Notary Seal or Stamp. The Petition, Exhibits, Schedules and Statement of Financial Affairs are signed under penalty of perjury. If you make a material omission and then testify to support them, you may end up without a Bankruptcy Discharge and have a criminal problem of great proportion. Call Steiden Law Offices and find out how best to position yourself for your Bankruptcy without going astray. Put Steiden Law Offices 25 years of experience to work for you and your family.

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