Where to File for Bankruptcy

Once you have decided to investigate the possibility of filing for Bankruptcy relief, you need to locate where you should file. Congress has divided the United States into Bankruptcy Districts, like other Federal Courts. While the courts are federal, it is necessary to meet the residency requirements to file in a particular district.

Locating Bankruptcy Courts in Ohio and Kentucky

When you call and speak with one of the lawyer of Steiden Law Offices they will make inquiry to make certain that you are eligible to file in the District you reside in. If you are new to the area, your attorney can calculate how long you might have to wait to become eligible to file in that District.

During your confidential consultation your attorney will go over all of the matters to make certain that you understand the differences between the Chapters of Bankruptcy and how, with the guidance and direction of Steiden Law Offices you will get the best result for your particular financial situation.

We represent clients throughout Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky, with offices in Cincinnati, Florence and Covington. Call today to set up a free consultation.

Residency Requirements for Bankruptcy Filings

The Bankruptcy Code requires residency for a specific period of time in the District where you reside. The Bankruptcy Code requires that in order to file your case in any given District, you must have resided in that District for the greater part of the last 180 days. In other words, you must reside in the District for the last 91 days. If you file in the wrong District, your case is subject to Dismissal by either the Bankruptcy Court, Bankruptcy Trustee or one of your many creditors.

Ineligible Filing

Filings which are filed in the wrong District are subject to Motions to Dismiss, most likely from the Bankruptcy Trustee but possible from the Court. If you were not eligible because you recently relocated, your case will be dismissed and you would have to wait the requisite amount of time until you satisfied the 180 day rule.

Finding the Best Attorney to Assist With Filing in the Proper Court

Experience matters. When considering the filing of a Bankruptcy in the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati Area, remember that Steiden Law Offices has been actively representing clients with success and integrity for 25 years. You should call and consider putting all that trusted experience to work for you.

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