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Living a live crushed by the burden of debt can be extremely stressful and the constant harassment from bill collectors isn’t helpful. The veiled threats over never-ending phone calls or post can just exacerbate the situation further. Negotiations don’t seem to work and every day that passes means you owe even more money. This can make anyone feel helpless and feel as if they have little to no options on how to resolve their debt completely. 

If you’ve found yourself in a similar situation, we urge you to get in contact with an experienced debt settlement attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney will analyze your financial situation and answer all your legal questions. They can then develop a plan with you to tackle your debt so you can finally regain some financial freedom and rid yourself of bill collectors. 

Cincinnati Attorney Explains How to Stop Bill Collectors in OH

Debt happens over time and before you know it you may have found yourself saddled with thousands of dollars in debt with no reasonable payment plan in sight. If you have found yourself in a similar situation, we suggest you contact the bankruptcy attorneys at Steiden Law Offices. Steiden Law Offices is a reputable firm with over 26 years of experience we can utilize to relieve you of debt.

Consumer bankruptcy attorney Eric Steiden understands the stress his clients endure day to day. He knows how unforgiving bill collectors can be and will do everything in his power to help you move on past this roadblock in your life. Set up your first appointment with him by calling Steiden Law Offices at .

Eric Steiden and his team proudly represents individuals throughout Kenton County, Boone County, Campbell County, Gallatin County, Grant County, Pendleton County, Bracken County, Robertson County, Mason County,  in Kentucky, along with those who reside in Hamilton County, Butler County, Clermont County, Warren County, Clinton County, Montgomery County, Greene County, Preble County, Darke County, Highlands County, Miami County, Shelby County, Champaign County, Clark County, Brown County, Adams County, Lawrence County, and Scioto County, Ohio.

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Can Bill Collectors Harass You?

When your bills have gone into default, your creditor is likely to sell the debts to a third-party debt collector also known as a bill collector. The collectors will then turn their focus back to you and attempt to collect the debt so they can make a profit. Often bill collectors will call borrowers relentlessly as well as sent postage demanding payment.

The call centers used by debt collectors are all regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The job of the FTC is to eliminate any deceptive practices used by debt collectors so they can protect the rights of consumers. To do this, the FTC created the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) in 1978 that put a stop to abusive behaviors many debt collectors had to resort to when they were trying to collect. Listed below are some actions that would violate the regulations set forth by the FDCPA.

  • Calling before 8 AM or any time after 9 PM;
  • Using abusive language or threats when attempting to collect;
  • Contacting you after receiving notice you are filing for bankruptcy;
  • Revealing any of your information to a third party;
  • Threaten you with arrest or any other type of unauthorized legal action;
  • Publish your name on a “bad debt” list and then publish it;
  • Threaten seizures that are unauthorized;
  • Communicating information via postcard;
  • Lying to you about the money you owe;
  • Deposit any checks before the dates written on them;
  • Apply payments to debts other than those you specified;
  • Attempt to contact you through an inappropriate medium such as social media; or
  • Provide false information about you to employers or credit rating agencies 

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When to Hire an Attorney to Stop Bill Collectors

  • They are harassing you – Debt collectors cannot use intimidation, threats or any other type of menacing behavior to collect. No matter how much you owe. Some debt collectors don’t always do what they’re told unfortunately. If a debt collector is harassing you, verbally or they call multiple times a day, then you must contact an attorney. You may be able to file a lawsuit against the company for violating the laws set forth. By the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA).

  • The statute of limitations for your debt has expired – Once your debt is beyond the statute of limitations, then the law won’t permit anyone to file a suit against you. Unfortunately, bill collectors may still attempt to collect form you despite the past statute of limitations. It’s incredibly important you’re careful when contacted about old debts. Paying anything towards that debt may be considered a verification of debt by the courts. This will then reactivate your old debts and put you back on the hook.

  • The debt isn’t yours – It’s not uncommon for borrowers to receive calls about debts they don’t even owe since their name is the same as the original borrower who took out the debt. It also happens when you change your number that used to belong to someone deep in debt. Unfortunately, saying you’re not the borrower will not stop the debt collector. They hear that a lot. To confirm the debt isn’t yours, you will need to request verification of it. The collector must then send verification within 30 days after you’ve requested it under the FDCPA. Failure to do so is a violation of those laws.

  • You’re filing for bankruptcy – Often the best way to resolve debt is by filing for bankruptcy. When you do, there is no need to negotiate with your bill collectors any longer. You can instead defer all communications to your bankruptcy attorney who will discuss the terms of your payment plan with them directly or through the courts. 

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Filing for Bankruptcy Can Help

It can be an intimidating choice, but for many the best route to take to eliminate their debt is to file for bankruptcy. When you file for bankruptcy it’s a chance for a fresh start. Not to mention, once you file for bankruptcy it can help stop bill collectors from harassing you in a few ways.

  • No More Calls from Collectors – When you secure legal representation and file for bankruptcy, then you are sending out a notice that goes out to all bill collectors. This notice essentially says that they can no longer contact you directly about the money you owe and must maintain communication through your lawyer. The automatic stay will be in place until after your discharge has been awarded.

  • Resolve Your Debt Finally – Bankruptcy is the most efficient way to eliminate crushing debt. Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy will mean all your unsecure debts are completely erased. These debts include medical bills, credit card debt, or personal loans. If bill collectors are looking for you regarding unsecured debt, bankruptcy will immediately take care of that debt and permanently stop the phone calls. Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy will result in a similar ending. Your debts will be paid off by you, however it will be in an affordable and reasonable repayment plan that will last up to five years. Anything not added to that repayment plan will likely be discharged.

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Additional Resources

Fair Debt Collections Practices Act – Visit the official website for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to learn more about their Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA). Access the site to read the act itself, learn the definitions of harassment and abuse in context to debt collection, as well as other relevant information you may need.

Bankruptcy Information – Visit the official website for the United States Department of Justice to learn more about bankruptcy. Access the site to learn the difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, what debts you can discharge, and what a reaffirmation agreement is.

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Lawyers Who Stop Bill Collectors | Bankruptcy Attorney in Cincinnati, OH

No matter how much you owe, you don’t deserve to be harassed by debt collectors. If you’ve been targeted by creditors and bill collectors, get in contact with Steiden Law Offices. Our dedicated debt relief attorney Eric Steiden has decades of experience to draw from. He’s filed over 15,000 successful casings and helped numerous people resolve their debt in a fair manner.

It’s time you get proactive about your financial freedom. Get in contact with Steiden Law Offices by calling today to set up your first consultation. Steiden Law Offices accepts clients throughout the greater Northern Kentucky and Ohio area including Forest Park, Covington, Erlanger, Florence, West Chester, Cincinnati, and Maineville.

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