Foreclosure Defense

Owning a home and building equity is the cornerstone of the American dream. Financial issues, employment and health issues all play into owning and keeping that home. When financial or other circumstances make it too difficult o make your mortgage payment, creditors may begin to threaten the process of foreclosure which results in the loss of your home and any equity you may have accumulated.

Cincinnati Foreclosure Defense Lawyer

If you face foreclosure on your home or other real property, a dedicated attorney can represent you in fighting foreclosure. In many cases, the foreclosure can be stopped, and you may be able to keep your home. Filing for bankruptcy may be one of several tactics you may choose. A Cincinnati foreclosure defense lawyer from Steiden Law Offices can help you identify your options and represent you.

Call us today at to set up a free consultation to discuss your foreclosure issues. We have offices in Cincinnati, Florence, and Covington, and represent people throughout Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky.

Dealing with Foreclosure

There are many ways to deal with a foreclosure. Unfortunately many put their head in the sand as a way of coping with this adversity. As with many unpleasant things, taking them head on and dealing with the reality is best. Steiden Law Offices has been zealously representing homeowners in State Court and in Bankruptcy Court as they try to retain their homes.

Steiden Law Offices can negotiate with lenders towards a reinstatement. There are a multitude of programs to offer assistance and a method to restructure your debt which results in your retaining your home. These remedies will come to you, you need professional help to advise you. Steiden Law Offices has a 19-year-old reputation for meeting the needs of its clients in this area. You need to call and find out which solution or program best suits your needs and abilities.

Foreclosure and Bankruptcy

Aside from actively defending a foreclosure action, Bankruptcy has the automatic stay which stops your Foreclosure Case so it may be dealt with in the context of your Bankruptcy case in an orderly, predictable manner. Steiden Law Offices has extensive experience in helping you evaluate the different methods of saving your home or even the least damaging method of surrendering it.

Steiden Law Offices | An Attorney for Your Covington Foreclosure

Steiden Law Offices has been representing struggling homeowners for 25 years. Call and put this skill and wisdom to work for you. We can counsel you on the short-term and long-term implication of keeping or surrendering your home during Foreclosure or even through Bankruptcy.

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