Identity Theft and Bankruptcy

Financial problems can come from many causes. A divorce, health issues, a work injury, loss of employment and even the theft of your critical, private information which gives access to your credit profile by strangers with criminal intentions. Identity theft is a huge problem in America today. According to the Department of Justice almost 7% of American adults were the victims of identity theft in 2012. The percentage grows each year. There are a myriad of laws to help a consumer protect themselves from this phenomena. There are many ways to try to make corrections to erroneous consumer credit reports which result from the theft of critical information.

Cincinnati Bankruptcy Lawyer for Identity Theft Victims

If you think your information has been compromised or stolen by unknown people, you should seek advice from an experienced lawyer. Steiden Law Offices can counsel you on how to correct your consumer credit report, how to lock your credit and can also counsel you on the success of commercial products designed to offer protection or insurance from this.

If you think your credit is incorrect or may be compromised, call and schedule your confidential consultation to see how best to prevent it if it hasn’t happened and how to deal with it effectively if it has. We have offices in Cincinnati, Covington and Florence.

Preventing Identity Theft

The reality is that even people who act prudently to protect this sensitive information are not completely immune from data theft at institutional levels. Industry and banking are reacting to this ever increasing trend but the reaction seems slow and insufficient given the growth.

Identity Theft and Bankruptcy

In extreme situations of identity theft, Bankruptcy may be a more comprehensive, effective solution. Your can file for bankruptcy relief on debts which have been incurred in your name by identity thieves even though they are disputed. The Bankruptcy Discharge brings finality and certainty to getting rid of disputed debts which may have been incurred by identity thieves.

Consumer Credit Reporting

The primary place that identity theft hurts individuals is on their consumer credit report. The report is the cornerstone of your credit standing and very important credit score. This information can make or break your ability to obtain financing, qualify for various types of employment and obtain insurance in some cases.

Finding the Best Attorney to Assist Victims of Identity Theft

Steiden Law Offices has a solid reputation of advising consumers who may be victims of identity theft in the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati areas for many years. Call and find out what you need to have your credit report reviewed so you can have the peace of mind and protection you need.

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