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As a state with a population over 4 million that has a reputation for being business friendly, Kentucky has no shortage of individuals and families looking to form their own American dream. This is done through starting a business or purchasing a home, among other things.

Major life events like the two above come with substantial risks to those investing. Nothing is a sure thing in business or consumer affairs. Because of this, many people have accumulated unsustainable amounts of debt that they are unable to pay off through traditional means.

For this reason and many others, the United States government has developed a system of bankruptcy protection that allows for a "soft landing" that gives you the ability to pay off your debt in a manner that is realistic to both the debtor and creditor. This is called bankruptcy protection and has helped countless individuals, families and businesses through dark times, enabling them to get back on their feet and on with their life. With the help of a qualified bankruptcy attorney, you can fix your financial issues and focus on what is more important.

Boone County Bankruptcy Attorney

When you are dealing with debt problems, much of your focus is squarely on your checkbook. This can lead to additional problems, such as strained relationships and neglect of other important issues. Rarely has anything good come from waiting for your monetary difficulties to subside. Just like a businessperson who thought of a great idea, immediate actions needs to be taken to ensure a smooth process.

For those worried about not being able to pay their bills or mortgage, then bankruptcy is a valid option. Bankruptcy will allow you to discharge, liquidate or restructure you debt in a manner that is sustainable. Steiden Law Offices has focused their entire practice towards helping consumers and business owners get out of debt and on with their lives. This dedication has been proven through over 6,000 successful bankruptcy filings. Honesty and integrity guide their decision-making, and it is notable to point out that the firm has never had an unsuccessful case audit, something that many other firms cannot say.

Eric Steiden and attorneys proudly represent individuals, families and businesses throughout Boone County in Kentucky. They have a convenient office location for residents of the county in Florence, Kentucky. In addition to serving those in Florence, the firm is also happy to work with those struggling with debt issues in the cities of Union and Walton. To schedule a risk-free consultation to go over the details of your financial situation, call (513) 771-3328 or send an online message today.

Bankruptcy Areas of Practice

The Steiden Law Offices primarily focus on the two most common types of bankruptcy: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – Chapter 7 is a legal proceeding in which a company stops all operations and goes completely out of business, or when an individual has unsustainable consumer debt obligations. A trustee is appointed to liquidate (sell) the company's assets, and the money is used to pay off debt.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – This type of bankruptcy protection is where the debtor undertakes a reorganization of his or her finances under the supervision of the courts. As part of the reorganization, the debtor must submit and follow through with a plan to repay outstanding creditors within three to five years. In most circumstances, the repayment plan must provide a substantial payback to creditors.

Boone County Legal Resources

Boone County Website – This is the link to the main page of the Boone County Website. This site offers much of the relevant information that a Kentucky resident would need. It includes links and resources to the county departments and agencies, along with record request and the county calendar.

U.S. Bankruptcy Court – Eastern Kentucky – This is the main page for the Easter District of Kentucky Bankruptcy Court. It includes resources on the responsibilities of the court along with its mission statement, bankruptcy records, credit counseling information, and way in which to contact them.

Eastern District of Kentucky Bankruptcy Court
100 E. Vine St. Suite 200
Lexington, KY 40507
Phone: (859) 233-2608

Boone County Communities

  • Florence
  • Union
  • Walton

Zip Codes – 41022, 41042, 41091, 41094

Steiden Law Offices | Boone County Bankruptcy Lawyer

Debt has the potential to paralyze an individual or business. When due dates and interest payments become too much too handle, there needs to be a solution that get you out of this losing situation. Bankruptcy protection can help you maneuver out of debt and pay your creditors in a manner that is satisfactory to both parties.

With the help of the Steiden Law Offices, you can either liquidate or restructure your debt and start over. The firm is a full-service bankruptcy practice that provides legal counsel to those interested in pursuing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 protection. They will guide you every step of the way and make certain you are doing everything you can to achieve a favorable outcome.

To schedule a free consultation to go over whether you are eligible for bankruptcy in Boone County, call (513) 771-3328 or send an online message today. Eric Steiden proudly represents individuals throughout Kentucky, including any resident or business owner in Boone County who needs to find solutions to his or her debt problems.

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