Rear-End Accidents

A rear-end crash, in which one motor vehicle runs into the automobile in front of it, is one of the most common types of car accidents in the United States. Depending on the speed at which the negligent driver was traveling and other factors, the possible injuries a victim may suffer in these types of collisions can be quite severe.

While fault in rear-end accidents generally seems fairly clear-cut, it is still important for the people hurt in these types of crashes to seek legal representation. Insurance companies for negligent drivers will aggressively pursue quick case settlements that are usually far less than what victims need or deserve.

Some people believe that they will be able to keep more of their settlement by not hiring an attorney, but the truth is that a lawyer can usually negotiate for a much larger amount that accounts for long-term costs that many people fail to consider. When a person agrees to a settlement without consulting an attorney, the money can quickly be spent on medical bills and other costs before the victim realizes that there is nothing left to cover future expenses associated with his or her recovery.

Lawyer for Rear-End Accidents in Cincinnati, Ohio

If you sustained catastrophic injuries or your loved one was killed in a rear-end crash in the greater Cincinnati area, you could be entitled to compensation for any lost wages, medical bills, and other personal losses. You will want to immediately retain legal counsel for help holding the negligent party accountable.

The Cincinnati personal injury attorneys at Steiden Law Offices pursue justice for clients injured in car accidents all over Campbell County, Kenton County, and Boone County in Kentucky as well as Warren County, Butler County, Hamilton County, and Clermont County in Ohio. You can have us review your case as soon as you call to schedule a free initial consultation.

Kentucky Rear-End Crashes Information Center

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Causes of Southern Ohio Rear-End Collisions

Barring some other unusual external factor, the driver who strikes the other motor vehicle in a rear-end accident is almost always at fault. The reasons why a motorist hits the automobile in front of him or her can vary, however.

In some cases, the negligent driver may have failed to exercise the necessary caution. In other cases, a negligent driver may blame some factor that was beyond his or her control.

A few of the most common reasons that rear-end crashes occur include, but are not limited to:

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Proving Fault in Cincinnati Rear-End Accidents

An injury claim following a rear-end collision needs to satisfy four basic tenets of a civil suit. The necessary elements of a negligence case include:

  • Duty — The victim needs to prove that the negligent driver had a duty to the victim. In a car accident case, the duty is simply to exercise a reasonable standard of care and not cause an accident.
  • Breach — The victim must prove that the negligent driver breached the duty by failing to avoid or prevent the collision.
  • Causation — The victim must prove that the negligent driver’s breach of duty was what caused the accident.
  • Damages — The victim needs to prove that his or her injuries (and vehicle damage) were the result of the collision caused by the negligent driver’s breach of duty.

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Northern Kentucky Rear-End Collision Resources

Crash Reduction Factors for Rear End Collision Strategies in Ohio — The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) provided data for the preparation of this research paper that reviews past studies on rear-end crashes. The paper examines strategies for reducing rear-end crashes and develops a set of rear end crash reduction strategies for use in Ohio. You can learn more about the causes of rear-end accidents in this paper.

Naturalistic driving studies | National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) — Visit this section of the NHTSA website to download “Analyses of Rear-End Crashes and Near-Crashes in the 100-Car Naturalistic Driving Study to Support Rear-Signaling Countermeasure Development.” This 100-car study sought to “gain a better understanding of what driver behaviors and performance contribute to rear-end events, the vehicle kinematics that influence the event, and the potential of enhanced rear-signaling systems to alert following drivers or provide additional cues regarding lead vehicle dynamics.” The study covers following too closely, lane changes, and intersection braking patterns, among many other factors.

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Steiden Law Offices | Cincinnati Rear-End Accident Lawyer

Were you seriously injured or was your loved one killed in a rear-end crash caused by another party’s negligence? It is in your best interest to seek legal representation as soon as possible for help protecting your rights and pursuing the compensation that you need and deserve.

The Cincinnati personal injury attorneys of Steiden Law Offices represent clients in Clermont County, Warren County, Butler County, and Hamilton County in Ohio plus communities in Boone County, Campbell County, and Kenton County in Kentucky. Call or complete an online contact form today to receive a free, no obligation consultation that will let our lawyers evaluate your case and help you understand your legal options.

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