Motorcycle Accidents

Personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits after a motorcycle accident in Northern Kentucky are complicated. Your personal injury attorney should work quickly to make sure evidence in the case is preserved including the motorcycle itself and evidence from the crash inadvertently left at the scene.

In motorcycle accident cases, your attorney needs to work quickly to locate and interview witnesses, conduct written discovery, take depositions and retain expert witnesses. Expert witnesses in these cases include:

  • an accident reconstructionist to determine how the accident occurred and who was at fault;
  • an expert economist can calculate the destruction of earning capacity;
  • a motorcycle mechanic who can examine the motorcycle to determine whether some mechanical problem contributed to the accident.

No-Fault Payments after a Motorcycle Accident in Northern Kentucky

No-fault benefits, often called PIP benefits under KRS 304.39-241, can be used to pay bills or lost wages after a motorcycle accident in Northern Kentucky. PIP coverage can include both added reparation benefits (ARB) and basic reparation benefits (BRB) under the Kentucky Motor Vehicle Reparations Act as explained in KRS 304.39-140 and KRS 304.39-020(1)-(2). To receive these benefits, you must submit certain documents which might include a physician statements or wage-verification document to document your entitlement to further lost-wage payments under KRS 304.39-280.

In many cases, the person injured in a motorcycle accident in Northern Kentucky is entitled by KRS 304.39-241 and related statutes to direct how their PIP benefits are to be paid and the disbursement of PIP funds remains subject to the statutory restrictions. It is important to provide the proper documentation to ensure that the escrowed funds were disbursed lawfully under KRS 304.39-210(1).

Our attorneys for motor vehicle accidents in Northern Kentucky can help you understand how PIP benefits work and the firm's role is disbursing those funds. Call to fight our more about your rights after a serious accident.

Attorneys for Motorcycle Accidents in Northern Kentucky

Our personal injury attorneys in Northern Kentucky represent people injured in a motorcycle accident, including both the injured driver or passenger. Many of these cases involve allegations that the driver of the motorcycle accident contributed to the damages by not wearing a helmet or being intoxicated. After a motorcycle accident, many of these claims are for negligence seek compensatory damages.

When the driver or passenger are killed in a motorcycle accident, our attorneys represent the family in a wrongful death case. With offices in Florence and Covington, Kentucky, we represent clients throughout Northern Kentucky injured in a motor vehicle accident.

Call to discuss your motor vehicle accident in Kentucky.

This article was last updated on Friday, October 6, 2017.

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