Median Income

The bankruptcy means test compares a debtor's current monthly income to the median income for the same size household in his or her state. Ohio and Kentucky are both in the lower half of the nation when it comes to median family income.

Ohio has the 36th-highest median family income in the United States for single-earner households, while Kentucky is 48th. Additional household members increases the amount of the median family income, but Ohio and Kentucky both see some of the lower median family income levels even for households with multiple people.

Bankruptcy Attorney in Cincinnati, OH Discusses Median Income in Chapter 7

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Overview of Median Income in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Northern Kentucky

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How Median Household Income is Calculated

According to the United States Census Bureau, median income is the amount which divides the income distribution into two equal groups with half having income above that amount and half having income below that amount.

Median income differs from mean income in that mean income is the average obtained by dividing the total aggregate income of a group by the number of units in that group. Unequal income distribution frequently contributes to the mean income being higher than the median income.

The Census Bureau claims that it has changed the methodology for computing median income over time, usually using either Pareto interpolation or linear interpolation—depending on the size of the income interval.

Pareto interpolation assumes a decreasing density of population within an income interval, whereas linear interpolation assumes a constant density of population within an income interval. While Pareto has been used for intervals larger than $2,500 in width, linear otherwise, the Census Bureau currently uses linear interpolation to estimate all medians.

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Median Household Income Levels in Ohio and Kentucky

The Census Bureau has established the following median family incomes by family size for cases filed on or after May 1, 2017:


Family Size


1 Earner

2 People

3 People

4 People











Debtors can add $8,400 for each individual in excess of a family size of four. For example, in Ohio, five people would have a median family income of $91,440.

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Median Income Resources in Ohio

Means Testing | UST | Department of Justice — Visit this section of the Department of Justice website, you can learn more about median family income data. Find IRS data and general information for completing bankruptcy forms. You can also read about administrative expenses multipliers.

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