Chapter 13 Discharge

The Chapter 13 Plan has a Commitment Period. This commitment period is the amount of time, expressed in months or duration of time the Debtor must pay the Chapter 13 Trustee. It is typically from 36 to 60 months. When all required payments are completed, the Trustee will acknowledge the completion of the Chapter 13 Plan payments and will conduct an internal audit to make sure your have fully and completely complied with your Chapter 13 Plan obligations.

The Trustee will file a Final Report and Accounting which will then allow the Court to enter the Chapter 13 Discharge. The Discharge in a Chapter 13 has the same effect as a Chapter 7 Discharge. It legally extinguishes whatever sums remain unpaid consistent with the provisions of your Chapter 13 Plan. The Discharge is an order of the Court which prevents any communications from bill collectors or any legal action seeking to collect on a debt which was included in the Chapter 13 case.

Cincinnati Lawyer Assisting With Chapter 13 Discharge

Bankruptcy is a complex mosaic of state and federal laws, and it is no place for an untrained consumer to try and feel their way through it. Steiden Law Offices has been representing your friends and neighbors in the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati areas with great success for 25 years.

Sometimes you only get one chance to get it right and you would be well advised to call and schedule your free confidential consultation and explore what you can expect before, during and after your Chapter 13 case when you are represented by Steiden Law Offices.

Payments Under Chapter 13

Your Plan payments will, over the life of the Plan pay off your non-dischargeable debts. In Chapter 13 cases where the unsecured receive a small percentage of their debt, the Chapter 13 Discharge legally cancels the remaining sums which were not required to be paid as part of your Chapter 13 Plan. The Discharge prevents those partially unpaid creditors from coming after you for collection of those unpaid Chapter 13 debts.

Chapter 13 is a very complex yet powerful tool to deal with aggressive creditors and some dire financial problems. Dealing with all of the various issues, everything from which Chapter Bankruptcy best suits you to Means Testing, dischargeability, property exemptions, dealing with the Bankruptcy Trustee and more, you need a seasoned and experienced bankruptcy law firm.

Unsecured Debts Not Paid by Chapter 13 Discharge

Even in cases where your payments do not make any distribution to your unsecured debts including credit cards and medical bills, your Chapter 13 Discharge will legally cancel those debts as well as any interest which may accrue, even in situations where the creditor may have filed suit and received a civil judgment. Your lawyer can adequately and fully explain the effect and reach of the Chapter 13 Discharge.

Finding the Best Attorney for Your Chapter 13 Discharge

Steiden Law Offices has been serving and passionately representing clients in the Florence and Covington, KY, Greater Cincinnati and the surrounding areas for over 25 years with pride and distinction. Steiden Law Offices has literally helped thousands of families just like yours work through what seemed like insurmountable financial problems. What looks and sounds like a financial debacle can oftentimes be dealt with in a logical and fiscally responsible manner through the filing of a Chapter 13 Plan.

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