Individual Debt Adjustment

Chapter 13 is a unique vehicle which allows the individual Debtor to categorize their debts into different yet logically related categories for treatment under a Chapter 13 Plan. Some of these categories are non-dischargeable tax debt, mortgage or auto loan delinquency, student loans, unsecured debts, medical bills and credit cards.  

Your Chapter 13 Plan and payment to the Chapter 13 Trustee is based on a variety of different factors. The Chapter 13 Plan provides for distributions to each of those categories in differing percentages based on variables such as household size, disposable income, exempt and non-exempt assets and even the character of household income.

Ohio and Kentucky Individual Debt Adjustment Process

Bankruptcy is a mix of both State and Federal law and is in many situation, extremely complicated. While the Bankruptcy Courts allow an individual to represent themselves in such a proceeding, it would be quite foolish. The Steiden Law Offices has been aggressively and competently representing the interests of their clients in the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati areas for almost 25 years. Your financial affairs and the financial well-being of your family depend on making good decisions on how to handle financial adversity. Call today to schedule a free consultation.

Chapter 13 Trustee Payments

One of the many varied opportunities in Chapter 13 is to pay, with your disposable income as determined by the Means Test, only your non-dischargeable debt and your homesteads mortgage arrears and make no distribution to your general unsecured creditors. Your Steiden Law Offices lawyer can analyze your situation to see what the Bankruptcy Code would require of your specific facts and circumstances.

When you understand the multitude of features and functions of a Chapter 13, you will understand why it is so very important to have a skilled and well-versed lawyer on your team who can and will explain all of the various nuances and opportunities which may be incorporated into your Chapter 13 Plan.

Steiden Law Offices will vigorously protect your rights, advise you during your case and aggressively make sure your rights are protected. Call and set up your consultation so you can get started putting the pieces of your financial life back together. Inaction is the worst thing you could do when your financial situation requires action and attention.

Finding the Best Cincinnati Lawyer for Individual Debt Adjustment Cases

You should call to schedule your confidential, one on one time with one of our skilled lawyers. Steiden Law Offices will listen to your situation, consider your goals, your assets and your long term financial plans and help you structure your Fresh Start. The sooner you take that first step, the sooner you will begin to feel like you can begin to take your life back.

There is life after a Bankruptcy. Steiden Law Offices has helped thousands of individuals and families find their way through the frightening uncertainty of bills collectors, foreclosure and lawsuits and enjoy the Fresh Start which Congress intended for those who find themselves needing financial relief from creditors.

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